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Clairvoyant readings w/ Frankie, Certified Medium/Healer

Prayer Discourse

Prayer Discourse

Supercharge Your Prayers & Spiritual Awareness

     An insightful and informative discourse on praying with energy and effectiveness.  This prayer discourse is for beginners as well as practicing Healers and Mediums. Whether you have been working spiritually for years or just getting started, this will bring you to new levels of awareness that will expand with daily use.
  In this 2 1/2 hr. video discourse download, Frankie explains the basics of prayer, and ways to enhance your connection with spirit.  Using basic prayer sequences, you are shown how to enhance your spiritual being and effectiveness.  This will also open up and expand your healing and manifestation abilities.   We are all spiritual beings in human bodies.  You are already hardwired to use these skills.  Your natural Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Kinesthetic modalities will sharpen with daily use.   Included with this video download are various prayer sequences to get you started, and expand on. These are in printable/editable files that you can customize for your needs, and your keeping.  Give yourself this gift now, and start utilizing this information to enhance your life and raise your spiritual vibration to new heights
     The power of prayer is real.  Known by those who are faithful and continually being proven by science that all creation is connected by energy.  All things are created twice.  Once in thought or prayer, then focusing or activating that energy into manifestation.  This has been proven in healing and bringing about desired situations.  Quantum Physics has also proven that all things were created from the same substance and expanded outward in the beginning.  Even one proton that is separated from another will react exactly to any change or stimuli made in the other, instantaneously without any delay in time.
     This course was originally only offered in the Ministry Program taught by Frankie.  This is a bargain at $29.00, that will accelerate your spiritual awareness and effectiveness. Give yourself a gift and start changing your tomorrow, today!

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