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Jeff & Frankie Tunstall
Self Transformation sometimes can seem like a daunting task.  With the help of some simple tools, and techniques we can get the confirmation that we all have Psychic and Healing capacities within us.
My name is Jeff.  I am Frankie’s husband and life partner.  As mentioned in Frankie’s bio,  the both of us spent 7 years teaching others to open up to their own inherent psychic capacities and a guide to self transformation and developing your own psychic skills. Currently my full time occupation is a supervisor in a manufacturing facility.  My schedule is anything but normal, but I will continue to add to this blog as time affords me.  Both Frankie and I believe that this work is very important. 
Both Frankie and I set out to teach others with the focus not being to just teach people to be psychics, but to enable people to use these skills that everyone has inherently.  By developing these skills, one can enrich their everyday life.  Spirit speaks with us and guides us all the time.  Most people don’t realize or know this.  I have been asked many times in class, ” Why don’t you hear about what God, Spirit, the great Mystery has to say anymore like you did in the days past.  The truth is that it never  has ended.  In the long ago past, one spent more time focusing on what was inside and going on around themselves on the outside.  A spiritual student paid attention to thoughts, feelings, preminition’s to a much greater degree.  Some of that might be survival, but more than that it was do to the fact that there was much less outside stimulus.  In the present, mankind is flooded with outside stimulus of all kinds.  but more importantly, today we depend on something, someone telling us what is going on, ( cell phones, television, etc….).  We all have the connection already that so many seek.  Spiritual growth and expansion is exactly the same as physical exercise.  When you exercise regularly your muscles tone.  When you stop they go lax.  Spiritual growth is the same.  The more that you use these attributes, the greater the focus and results.  The same goes for your intent and confidence in what you are doing.  I will talk about intent a little later.  This is the primary ingredient in doing this work.
First, let me tell a little about what our beliefs are.
There are many things that bring us forward in our search for self transformation and the understanding of God and Spirituality.  Each person usually has his or her own reasons behind that search.  We believe that in order to work with a teacher in full trust, you need to know about their background and reasons that brought them to this work.  If they won’t tell you, they think they are above you, so you better run.  Accepting the role of a teacher puts a person in the position of being a constant student for the rest of their life.  There is no person on the earth plane that knows it all.  We each have our own portion of knowledge and our own individual portion of the God flame.
Here are some of the beliefs that we both share.  One of the most prevalent questions or concerns that some people wrestle with is that, if everything that God creates is good, why is there so much bad in this world?  God is energy… then energy is energy and it was the free will of how human beings choose to use that energy, and that it was the free will of how the human being chose to use that energy that would create the manifestation on the physical plane.  Since we are all endowed with this energy, as a God given birth right and there is only one energy.  This leads to the belief of the law of cause and effect.  Since we are the tool for God’s energy to manifest on the physical plane, then we must be responsible to direct that energy and power for the highest purposes.  The energy of God flows through all of us.  Each and everyone of us are born with and carry these abilities with us in our lives.  It is just a choice of how we use it and the intent (we will touch on intent and it’s power a little later) and motivation behind our thoughts when we use it.  We are all responsible for our actions.  The grand plan is set up as free will with the realization and understanding of how our thinking and actions change our experiences.  A great part of self transformation is the belief and knowing that we all are connected to Spirit and receive information and guidance from birth.  We are all here for some spiritual purpose.  It is like the analogy, “a small ripple in the ocean is transformed into a large wave, and that wave in turn transmutes into something else”.  This is the great law of cause and effect. One of our last beliefs is that our beliefs will change and evolve as we grow and understand more !
The road to self transformation begins with the understanding of how we see, hear, and or feel, and how we process that information.


  1. Lilica

    Hi Jeff,
    I would like your help in order to me develop my own psychic skills and healing capacity.My name is Lilica (nickname). I do believe if I develop my psychic skills I will face “battles” in my life better…..have less pain in my journey.
    Thank you for your time and kindness to add to this blog.
    I’m looking forward for the next…

    • jt711soar@hotmail.com

      Thank you for your comment. Sorry I haven’t gotten back sooner. I have been trying to organize more for the website. My current job does not leave me very much time at all. I am trying to come up with a way to take the teachings from the workshops Frankie and I have done and put it in a format that will be easy to understand for a individual. In the workshops we had groups of people and had specific exercises that was based on working with a partner or group of people. I am looking at a couple ways of doing this. Please be patient with me, cause I only have a couple of free hrs per day. Developing these skills to enhance your daily life is very beneficial, and it has always been our intention to not just create psychics, but to use the skills and inner connection to spirit to facilitate healing for the mind, body, and spirit of each individual. I will post more soon.
      Thank You
      Jeff Tunstall

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