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The Experience That Changed My Life Forever

     A little on what started me on my personal journey to self transformation in spirituality.  For as far back as I can remember, I have felt a connection to God in a very personal way.  I was raised catholic as a child and attended catholic kindergarten and first grade.  Aside from that I always felt and knew that I had a personal connection and interaction with God, and not only was he active in my life, but I was also active in his creation.
     Things dramatically changed when I was approximately 7 yrs. old in which really kick started my personal journey.  At the time I was attending a summer catechism class and we were trying to learn a specific prayer.  Well anyway, for some reason I could not remember it, to save my life.  I tried and tried but could not, which was odd because I have a pretty good memory.
     The nun at the time was getting pretty frustrated with me, so she finally made me go home and write it 250 times.  I came back the next day and she asked me  to recite it, and guess what?  I couldn’t do it.  She just about flipped her little black lid.  She sent me to the head priest.  I saw him and he acted the same way as the nun did.  Well this appalled me and I told him that so called men and women of God were insensitive and callous.  I told him that I didn’t think God cared, because he knew what was in my heart and that the prayer done in that manner was wrong.
     That was where the church and I separated.  It was a couple of nights later when I was visited by two angels who told me not to be afraid, and that they were of God.  They told me I was being prepared to see the Lord.  We then knelt, and we prayed before a brilliant white light.  I awoke the next morning knowing full well that I had experienced something life changing, totally real and not just some dream.
     Seven days later I saw Jesus and he was on a cross.  I told him that I wish that I could take his place, that he didn’t deserve that.  He looked at me and very calmly said, “Why do you offer to help me, and not the other two men on crosses besides him”.  He told me that he had things that he must do, and that I had things that I must do.  He also said that I was to become a man of God one day in some capacity.
     Anyway, I hardly felt that I was a candidate for that, nor that I wanted to become a priest, which being Catholic was what I should become.  I said “I would not do that because of my experience with the nun and priest”, and he gently said that I would.  I told him that I didn’t think so, and felt at that moment doomed, because of my response.  I was refusing to obey God.  This was an ongoing internal battle for quite some time.
     Finally after a long time and a lot of soul searching, I found my truth.  Since then, I consider myself a disciple of spirituality not of religion.  My personal journey has also led me to  become a Non-Denominational Minister.  I did serve in the church for 7 years weekly in the Healing & Message service while teaching the workshops,  although I believe that my ministry is best served outside the church.
     It is my belief that religion dogma is the manipulation of man’s desire and control and separation of the masses, where as spirituality is all inclusive and is not bias.  It is my belief and understanding that the same God, Great Mystery, Creative force, what ever you may believe created all, is known by many names, and that all creation follows it’s divine laws.
     Both Frankie and I believe that the healing of the body mind, and soul is the fundamental root in the tree of life.  I firmly believe that we all have a piece of the pie.  We ALL also have a divine purpose on this plane, whether we realize it or not.  There is no large or small in this purpose.
     Even what may seem as unimportant, may have a great impact.  Touching one person’s life with something that may seem on the outside as insignificant can have the greatest impact.  There is a chain of events or evolution to all things.  This has led me on my personal journey with Frankie to teach for 7 years, helping others realize the active God force that resides within all things.